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Thompsonís Tractors and Equipment is a division of Thompson Auto Incorporated of Jackson, Tennessee. Thompsonís Tractors and Equipment as well as Thompson Auto are family owned businesses which have been in auto sales and body repairs for over 50 years. Thompsonís Auto has been located at 1094 South Highland since 1982. Thompsonís Tractors and Equipment opened in 2006 at the same location.

The Thompsons have been proud residents of Jackson and Madison County for more years than I can count and have served this county well.

The business evolved from the family farm where the necessity of the times demanded that farmers learn to be good mechanics as well as good farmers, and the Thompson family excelled at both. As a small business they have realized the value of quality workmanship. After years of experience on both road vehicles and off the road work equipment they have convinced me that the Yanmar tractor is of quality stock.

They tell me that for the last 8 years they have owned and operated an YM1700 series tractor with no more maintenance than the change of a battery and the regular changes of oil and filters. They believe you canít go wrong with a Yanmar.

From the YM1300 series to the YM1720 series you can do just about anything that you would like. The Thompsons believe that the Yanmar tractors perform as well if not better than Ford or Massey-Ferguson competitive products.

If you are looking for a small garden and yard tractor I believe you have come to the right place.

A proud and satisfied customer.


Thompson's Tractor & Equipment

1094 South Highland
Jackson, Tennessee 38301